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Our Cooking Classes With a Chef provide you with insights on not only the preparation of a variety of Indian foods but also offer you the opportunity to get to know the little secrets which give Indian food dishes their characteristic flavours . In his cooking classes, Rajeev guides you to train your taste buds by tasting different types of foods and also explains about the subtle flavours and aromas of the spices, the finer nuances of food preparation  history and tradition of certain foods. You can experiment with Indian vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes ranging from snacks such as tikkas, pakoras, kababs and desserts such as kheer and halwa to a full fledged Indian meal including Indian breads such as Paratha , Naan, Roti and delicious rice preparations using simple and easily available class with chef

These cooking classes are fun, innovative and suited to your needs and preferences. It ranges from learning the very basics of Indian cooking to advanced cooking secrets of authentic and tasty Indian cuisine. Whether you are adept at cooking or just a beginner we have something enjoyable and delicious for you.  Rajeev will be more than willing to guide you in your journey to learning Indian cooking and its techniques.
Guests also get a gift hamper of some essential spices which are must have in an Indian kitchen.

We focus on providing the maximum amount of learning experience in a short time and yet our classes are fun, refreshing and not too hurried. Guests also have the option of choosing the dishes they wish to learn and the cooking classes can be customised accordingly. The cooking class is a learning experience with lots of fun.

Following are the options for different cooking classes:

Short introduction to Indian cooking (Vegetarian)

Average duration : 5 hours
Indian food dishes covered:

  • Snacks: pakora
  • Indian breads: roti & paranthaa
  • Masala chai (tea)
  • 1 daal (lentil), 3 vegetables
  • Rice / Pulaao
  • Chutneys (dhaniya -pudina)
  • Dessert: halwa

Cost: Rs 7000 per guest, Rs 5500 for each guest after that indian cooking class with chef

Full day Indian cooking class (Vegetarian)

Average duration: 8 hours
Indian food dishes covered:

  • Snacks: pakora (assorted), samosa
  • Chutneys (dhaniya -pudina)
  • 1 dal (lentil), 4 vegetables
  • Raita
  • Rice / Pulaao
  • Indian breads: roti, 2-3 different paranthas
  • Masala chai (tea)
  • Sweets: halwa, kheer

Cost: Rs 11000 per guest, Rs 6500 for each additional guest

Non-Vegetarian Indian Dishes

Some non-vegetarian dishes can be added to these cooking classes at the following prices:

  • Meat curries like Mutton curry, Butter chicken etc for Rs 1200 for 2 dishes.
  • Barbeque dishes like kababs and tikkas for Rs 1500 for 2 dishes.


The classes are arranged according to the schedule and other preferences of the guests. Normal pickup times are between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm


Free transport with pickup and drop is provided from most areas in central Delhi